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 How the Hunt Works

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Wolf Gender :
Wolf Age : 2 years
Crush On : Perhaps Fang
Mate : No one
The Council
Health :
200 / 100200 / 100

Experience :
200 / 200200 / 200

Strength :
180 / 200180 / 200

Speed :
180 / 200180 / 200

Agility :
180 / 200180 / 200

Wisdom :
180 / 200180 / 200

Dominant's Trust :
200 / 200200 / 200

Reputation : 7

PostSubject: How the Hunt Works    Mon Apr 23, 2012 10:33 pm

There are basically two types of hunts, "solo hunt" and "normal hunt". The first type of hunt is only for those who wants to become Hofrons, the hunters of the pack. The second is for all other full members when they want to simply hunt. To start a hunt, you need to open a topic in the forum "Application of Forms" or HERE.

Each hunt can't begin until you have reached the minimum members needed, 3. For each hunt, the maximum number of members in a hunt is 8.

To Start a hunt, you need to open the topic then role the dice named "Prey". When you have done this, you need to edit the title of your topic with the words "Hunting (prey name) and if the hunt is solo or normal. You can find all the information you will need to know about the prey here.

Example the title could look like this: Hunting-wild boar-solo

If you want to set the number of participants before beginning the hunt, put the number in the description of the topic. If you want to start the hunt as soon as possible, you simply have to wait until the hunt has met the minimum required participants.

Once your hunt is ready, simply change your title color to green so the dominants and deputies knows to approve the hunt. Also, if you change the color of your topic to green, this means that no one else could join the hunt.

Once the dominants or deputy has approved the hunt, you can now begin the hunt by rolling the dice "normal hunt" or "solo hunt" depending on the type of hunt you want to be in. The order of rolling the dice starts with the member who started the topic and go in the order in which each member joined the hunt.

When you role the dice "hunt", different results will come up. If the result was "prey is injured", it means that 10 points can be deducted from the prey's life. If the result was "wolf is injured" it means that 10 points will be taken off the life of the member who rolled the dice.

A hunt can end in one of 4 ways:
1. when the prey's life arrives at 0 (meaning the hunt is successful)

2. If a member's health arrives at 0 (note, if this happens, the member who opened the topic can decide to end the hunt or let the member leave and continue with the remaining members. If your hunt only has three members and one leaves, you can continue with 2 members. You only need 3 members to start a hunt.) If the hunt ends at this point, it means the hunt has failed

3. If no one posts in the topic for more than 2 weeks (This means the hunt is suspended or unfinished)

4. All member's health arrives at 0 (Hunt unsuccessful)

When hunt is finished for any reason, the member who started the hunt need to report the post so the dominants or deputies can lock the topic. You should also change the title color to red.

If this is a solo hunt, you don't need to wait for participants and can start as soon as the dominants or deputy has approved the hunt. The hunt will end in the 4 ways above, but all rules regarding more than one member doesn't apply. Also, in the case of a Solo hunt, you will be accompanied by either a dominant or a deputy.

When a hunt is finished, all members who participated will gain 10 experience points and 5 points in each skill


Every time either the prey or wolf is injured, the member who opened the topic must edit the health of either the wolf or prey's health in the first post. Please be honest with the health points because we can easily calculate the true value if you lied.

As we want to keep the hunts more realistic, the dices for the solo and normal hunt does has a difference in which the results come up.

Starting a hunt

Wolf name:


Type of prey being hunted:

Location of the hunt:

Your current health:

Prey health:

How many members can join?:

List of members and current health (should all start with 100):

Joining a Normal hunt:

Wolf name:


Number of participant (the order when you joined the hunt):

Current health:

Type of prey being hunted:

Location of the hunt:

Solo hunt

Wolf name:


Current health:

Type of prey being hunted:

Prey health:

Location of the hunt:

Hunt ended
Result (successful failed...):

Your wolf's health:

The end health of each member (please include names):

End health of prey if hunt wasn't successful:

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How the Hunt Works
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