The Forest Shadow Pack
The Forest Shadow Pack where you can do more than role-play a wolf. Join us and expect lots of fun!

Loose yourselves in a whole new world where you can forget about your everyday life for a moment!

The forst seamed silent and lifeless, but don't be fooled. Look around carefully, do you see the glint of eyes among the trees? Can you feel the pack watching and waiting silently?
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We are doing some site changes and things although if you would like to join us still, you may. Please be patient with our work! Razzu Deputy/Admin
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 The WQ Thread

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Wolf Gender :
Wolf Age : 2 years
Crush On : Perhaps Fang
Mate : No one
The Council
Health :
200 / 100200 / 100

Experience :
200 / 200200 / 200

Strength :
180 / 200180 / 200

Speed :
180 / 200180 / 200

Agility :
180 / 200180 / 200

Wisdom :
180 / 200180 / 200

Dominant's Trust :
200 / 200200 / 200

Reputation : 7

PostSubject: The WQ Thread   Mon Jun 11, 2012 10:05 pm

The Forest Shadow Pack

A wolf in the Dark forest is only the start,but with a bit of light you'll find your true self. Step into the shadows and let yourself be free!

The Forest Shadow Pack is ruled by the high council: Rezsia, Vinnick and Razzu. The pack is split into four clans: Deep Forest, Open Forest, Shadow and Riverclans. The pack is made out of friendly members. This is one pack with two worlds where you can loose yourselves immediately!

Rules that MUST be followed:
Please read all of these rules before joining
1. Respect all members no matter where they come from

2. Try to keep the swear words to the minimum

3. No conspiring behind any member or the pack

4. If you have a complaint of a member, contact the dominant by PM

5. No harassment of any member anywhere

6. Please try not to spam, this means posts with less than 5 words unless specified in the topic.

7. If you have another pack, just tell the dominant and they will understand

8. Try to post at least once ever 2 weeks or so

9. Always be honest

10. Above all, have fun and enjoy your time here

Follow these simple rules and you will find that the dominants are very open to all members! .

Pack Updates:

Fang has joined the pack with a possible leadership.

Newest member(s):

Fang (M)

Members on EFA:

# of Members: 19


Dominants: (Closed)
These two wolves are who ultimately makes all decisions and always for the good of the pack. They have the greatest command and needs to be fair and unbiased in all the dealings with the members.

Rezsie (F)

Deputy: (Closed)
this wolf is second in command of the dominants. There is one deputy. The deputy is chosen with care by the dominant and has to be trust worthy. The deputy will help carry out tasks when the dominants aren't online.

Razzu (M)

These wolves are the third highest ranking wolves. They have to be trustworthy and help moderate the forum along with the dominants and deputies.

[Must be earned]
[Must be earned]
[Must be earned]
[Must be earned]

The mozuries are the fighters of the pack. They are the strongest and most skilled in fighting techniques. They protect the pack and they are in charge of eliminating threats of all kind providing they just them to be a risk to the pack.

]Must be earned]
[Must be earned]
[Must be earned]
[Must be earned]
[Must be earned]
[Must be earned]
[Must be earned]
[Must be earned]

These wolves are the messengers of the pack. They are the swiftest and has great stamina. They are to report any possible danger to the pack to both the dominants and mozuries.

Aura (F)
[Must be earned]
[Must be earned]
[Must be earned]
[Must be earned]
[Must be earned]
[Must be earned]
[Must be earned]

Maystors are the healers of the pack and has great knowledge of all the plants in the territory. They have final say in anything about injuries and sickness.

[Must be earned]
[Must be earned]
[Must be earned]
[Must be earned]
[Must be earned]
[Must be earned]
[Must be earned]
[Must be earned]

Hofrons are the hunters, which means that they have the most agility. They are strong in the way that can bring down prey swiftly. They are important, as they help feed the pack.

[Must be earned]
[Must be earned]
[Must be earned]
[Must be earned]
[Must be earned]
[Must be earned]
[Must be earned]
[Must be earned]

Rangers are wolves who are responsible for exploring and helping the pack expand the territory by looking for suitable lands. They are agile and has great eye sight.

[Must be earned]
[Must be earned]
[Must be earned]
[Must be earned]
[Must be earned]
[Must be earned]
[Must be earned]
[Must be earned]

This title simply refers to all new members who first join the pack. They need to train until they have enough skills in earning a rank and finally becoming a full member.

Chadija (F)
Rayne (F)
Brookelle (F)
Feliks (M)
Avo (M)
Rocket (M)
Firewolf (F)
Tammar (M)
Karatavuk (M)
Leone (M)
Fang (M)

Air Pups:
An Air pus are the pups that are directly related or blood kin to the dominants or the deputy. Like the pups, those who are in this rank will enter the rank directly and must follow the same rules as the lost pups.

Adeline (F)
Amyrose (F)
Xyris (F)
Nightwolf (M)

Lost Pups:
Lost pups, well pretty self explanatory. Wolves in this rank can earn it immediately without much experience. By being a lost pup, members are acting out the youngest of the pack and would have to listen to everyone older than them.

Charlee (F)
SilverFire (F)

If you register as this rank, it will be assumed that you are not planning to join the pack officially for the moment. Solitars are allowed to participate in role-play in all the open lands with other members.
Blip (M)
Grimm (M)

Old Members:
This rank is for those who were once members of the pack who has left for various reasons, but has decided to rejoin. This ranks is for those who want to rejoin, but knowing they can't be as active as they would like.


NOTE: The ranks may be added to when all current positions are filled. The following are just the start.Also pack descriptions may be found on the pack site.

Our Ally(s):
Dark Silence

Joining Form:

WQ Username:
Wolf name:
Appearance(Be specific):
How often are you active? 1-10:
Would you like to join as (apprentice, air pup, lost pup or solitar)?:
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The WQ Thread
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