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The forst seamed silent and lifeless, but don't be fooled. Look around carefully, do you see the glint of eyes among the trees? Can you feel the pack watching and waiting silently?
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 One named Life

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Wolf Gender :
Wolf Age : 2
Crush On : Aura
Mate : He has someone
The Council
Health :
100 / 100100 / 100

Experience :
30 / 20030 / 200

Strength :
120 / 200120 / 200

Speed :
20 / 20020 / 200

Agility :
20 / 20020 / 200

Wisdom :
40 / 20040 / 200

Dominant's Trust :
80 / 20080 / 200

Reputation : 0

PostSubject: One named Life   Tue Jun 19, 2012 2:28 am

No one knew what they were doing,didn't know that the person they sent to sleep was the key to Endersa's survival
over the next generation.They didn't understand that keeping the girl awake was the only way to ensure peace throughout
the next generation.It was a grave mistake that sent the power of all magical beings to sleep.
A man by the name of Seix had made the order for the girl to sleep until it came to the time that she was needed.He,
along with seven others involved in the act brought the girl to a special room where they had told her to lie down
and sleep.The girl went to the bed and arranged herself until she was satisfied with comfort before she met the mens
gaze,Siex.She spoke only this,
"A grave mistake you will make my Lords."Seix shook his head.As he watched her close her eyes and fall into a seemingly
never ending sleep he said,"This is for the good of our people.Our survival depends on you staying in a slumber until
we have need of you again."
With those words hanging in the air,Seix turned on his heel and exited the room,his followers trailing at his heels.
The castle was silent;only the echo of the mens' footsteps and their breathing broke the spell of silence.Very little did
Seix know that his followers would turn on him and steal the girl.As they came to the castle gates to the court yard Siex
paused abruptly when he saw a man with a sword drawn standing there patiently waiting for his Lords arrival.
"Who are you?"Siex demanded,the man clearly looked unfamiliar to him.
"You shouldn't have put the girl to sleep Seix."The stranger replied in a sad tone."It would only bring havoc upon our
Seix did not understand.He knew very well that putting the girl to sleep was the only way to bring about peace across
the world.All the magic would go with her and no more blood would be shed from greed.This man before him,who ever he was,
had spoke out of the correct reasons for Seix doing tonight.He would not appreciate disloyalty.
"Stand aside stranger.I did what had to be done,for the sake of bloodshed."Seix began to advance forward but the point
of a knife to his side stopped him."Whats going here?!"Seix shouted in outrage.
"We did not agree to this my Lord.The rest of us knew putting the girl at rest was a regretful act."
"I don't believe this!All of you think I have done something that will put us through hell."Seix said before his
breath caught as the blade of the dagger was shoved in his flesh.Seix fell to his knees gasping for air and gripping
at the wound now oozing blood which dripped to the floor.
"Retrieve the girl from her room and bring her to me,there isn't much time.Once people know whats happened,they will
fight for her."The strange ordered.Seix men left hurriedly as he approached the man and put his sword to Seix neck.
"Many lives will be lost throughout the years because of your doings,Siex.The people of Endersa will slowly perish
and the balance of this world will fall."
A cold laugh escaped Seix throat."The girl will wake when the time has arrived for her assistance."
"Did she not warn you?She will not wake when the time arrives."
"What are you talking about?"Seix coughed and blood dripped into his lap.
"She is the being of life,man.Only she decides when she wakes,no matter the spell you cast upon her."
"Then she has sentences all of us to our doom."seix growled,but then it was a gurgle as the stranger
slide the blood across his neck,with a thump his body moved no more and a pool of blood liquified at the strangers feet.
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One named Life
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